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10 – 11AM

Companies That Give a Damn

Alberta School of Business (BUS) B-05
Alberta Treasury Branch

Do you care whether potential employers give back to the community? Learn about corporate social responsibility and how it benefits society as well as the bottom line.

11 – 11:50AM

Career Branding & Networking Your Way to Success

W2-010 Electrical & Computer Engineering Research Facility (ECERF)
Engineering Employment Centre

Did you know that 85% of job seekers found employment opportunities through people they know?

Attending this workshop will teach you how to build your network and career brand, and how to initiate, lead, and exit conversations at any event. We’ll share valuable tips for success and offer helpful insight into the purpose and format of networking events. Join us and learn how to brand and network your way to success!

12 – 1PM

Global Leadership

Alberta School of Business (BUS) B-05

Globalization. This is a huge buzzword in today’s workforce. But what does it mean for students and businesses? In this speaker series, we will dive into what it means to be a global leader, some skills, competencies and knowledge that could help you succeed in the workforce.

1:30 – 3PM

Understanding Work Culture in a Canadian Workspace

Henry Marshall Tory Building (Tory) 1-129
International Student Service

As the Edmonton employment landscape hires increasingly more international resources, a student looking to break into this market are expected to communicate effectively and comprehensively.  What are soft skills and how do we use them to navigate our relationships and handle conflicts? This workshop will help you to explore your own tendencies and to contrast them with those from around the world. We will discuss how you may disagree with someone, while still maintaining the relationship. We will also discuss one’s perception and how our actions may be interpreted by others. All perspectives are welcome, as they will help to highlight the diversity within which we all interact.

5:30 – 8PM

Career Confessions


The EMP FEST Career Confessions will be an evening through which students will have the opportunity to listen to the intriguing and unique career path of a variety of interdisciplinary professionals. Students can learn from the ups and downs these individuals have faced, as well as learn more about these many diverse and perhaps unorthodox routes toward success.

Learn more about Career Confessions