Meet the team

Excecutive Marketing Logistics



Katelynn Giao Nguyen
Civil Environmental Engineering

Katelynn is in her final year of engineering at the University of Alberta. Her aspirations are to make an impact on her community – Beit through social organizations, technology and entrepreneurship, Katelynn is passionate about solving larger issues that surround those around her. Having founded a beauty ecommerce business to transform the beautiful industry to developing natural language processing tools to better language education, she is only beginning her career and her journey to make her own mark and would like to share those experiences with our EMP FEST community. EMP FEST hopes to reach those that are trying to figure out what they aspire to do, what they’re good at and how they can contribute to society and how to navigate employment during the process.

Katelynn is currently pursuing personal branding, so check her IG @_kgnxo and if you’re up for some coffee and discussions on entrepreneurship and personal development, contact her at


Ellie Cao
VP Events

Ellie is in her second year at the University of Alberta with a major in Finance. During the school year, she has been involved in lots  of extracurricular activities such as AIESEC, ASLS, EMP FEST and HCA. She has a strong interest in personal growth and giving back to the community. Through EMP FEST, she hopes to offer students an opportunity to learn about the employment resources available on campus and help them define their own career paths. When Ellie’s not planning events or studying, she usually eats pho, searches for cheap flight tickets and takes naps.


Ryan Amaral
VP Special Events
Business Economics and Law

Ryan Amaral is in the final semester of his Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Business Economic and Law. He is currently involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities both on and off campus, from serving on various advisory boards, to representing the Alberta School of Business as a student ambassador, and everything in between. Ryan realizes the value that community involvement and engagement can add to your degree, and doing so has allowed him to identify areas he is passionate about. Through EMP FEST, Ryan hopes to be able to share this passion and create a meaningful experience for students to take away. Academically, Ryan is very interested in all facets of both Canadian and international business law, and hopes to work towards gaining admission to law school and one day becoming a lawyer. Ryan is very excited to have the opportunity to be a part of EMP FEST 2019!


Jinah Yoon
VP Marketing & Engagement

Jinah is a fourth year accounting co-op student at the U of A. She moved to Edmonton in 2015 for both personal development and career planning. She has worked at CRA as an auditor and currently doing her last co-op term at BDO. Although academic achievement has been very important for her, she believes that experiences from extracurriculars build one’s value and soft skills. Through EMP FEST, Jinah hopes to bring more opportunities to students for career exposures and guidances. When she’s not looking at numbers and calculator, she spends time baking for friends, learning mandarin and watching K-dramas.

What I’m excited about for upcoming event: I’m very excited for Career Confession that is going to held in Dewey’s on the second day of EMP FEST week! I’m sure that many students will be inspired by our speakers and their non-conventional career journeys.


Shirin Jong
VP Internal
Human Resource Management

Shirin just completed her final semester as an undergraduate student and is excited to go on to the next chapter in her life. As a strong enthusiast in continuous learning and personal growth, she believes that finding the right career in life plays a role in achieving one’s self-confidence. This is why she aims to help others by providing the proper tools and resources to getting them closer to their dream career. Shirin cares a lot about the campus community and enjoys getting involved on campus. In her spare time, she volunteers for organizations such as the Campus Food Bank, Stollery Youth Committee, and the Circle K International Club.Shirin is very thankful for all the experiences and opportunities the University of Alberta has given her so far; she aims to give back and make a positive impact to the campus community through her position in EMP FEST.

“Happiness doesn’t come from success. Happiness is what creates success.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about EMP FEST or if you’re simply up for a chat about life and personal growth, feel free to contact Shirin at


Nafiz Bin Faruk
VP Finance

Nafiz is a 2nd year Accounting Co-op Student at the University of Alberta. Originally going through first year Engineering, he found out that his interests were in business and entrepreneurship. In his personal career path, he’s found it is critically important to have access to the right resources to take important decisions in life and hence joined EmpFest as a way of giving back to the student community by being part of providing the tools to explore one’s career path.

Nafiz works with InfoLink as a Senior Peer Advisor & has previously volunteered with multiple student groups such as AIESEC, the Muslim Students’ Association etc. He loves traveling, anime, weightlifting & playing soccer.



Marvin Neoh
Director of Finance

Marvin is a 3rd year student at the University of Alberta, majoring in Management Information Systems and minoring in Philosophy. He believes that people should never limit themselves and should always look for ways to learn and grow. The desire to help, seconded by personal growth is the reason why he joined Emp Fest. When possible, he likes to seek out new things and experiences to prevent losing out on opportunities to have fun or to learn! Keeping an open mind is important for him, as he fears of being considered a hypocrite. Outside the professional environment, Marvin is an animal lover with two cats and an aquarium. He is also obsessive about keeping his car clean.



Grace Vuong
Director of Social Media
Arts, 2nd Year

Grace is currently in her second year in the faculty of arts but is aiming to pursue a degree in the faculty of business. After taking an economics class as an elective, she quickly became intrigued. Although she has her mind set on majoring in business law and minoring in international business, Grace would still like to explore other aspects of business. She is actively in search for anything that can aid in personal growth and career development. While in search of a career that best suits her, she would like to assist others in this exciting journey in the meantime. Being a part of the EMP FEST team will allow her to do both of those! Other than school, work, and student groups, Grace enjoys attending EDM concerts and eating delicious food with friends.


Thien Nguyen
Director of Social Media
4th year Sociology and Economics

Majoring in Sociology and Economics at the University of Alberta, Thien Nguyen is a marketing enthusiast who has recently completed a Communications and Marketing internship at EISPF, one of Alberta’s biggest festivals. In addition, she is also an active Co-op student seeking any career experience to build her professional and personal development, as well as her career goals. A strong believer in extracurricular activities, she believes that experiences and meaningful connections can really build one’s values, personal skills, and relationships to better one’s future. Through EMP FEST, Thien hopes not only to build her personal development and skill set but to help others succeed both personally and professionally through the countless opportunities EMP FEST has to offer! If not found studying her life away or at the campus gym, Thien is always on the go, dancing her way across the globe attending music festivals.


Shawn Nelson Sydia
Web Design Coordinator
Computing Science

Originally hailing from small town Alberta, Shawn had set out in life to make a difference. After taking his first introductory computing science class on a whim, he immediately fell in love with the world of computing science. From the most complex algorithms to the simplest data structures, there was nothing that didn’t excite him. With a particular interest in software engineering, Shawn hopes to learn about the world of artificial intelligence, cryptography, and parallel computing. From joining the EMP FEST team, Shawn hopes to further develop his skills in the field of web development, and more importantly, meet connections which will help him to gain entry into the professional workforce as a computing scientist. For his career aspirations, his mission is simple: “make the world a better place, one Function(); at a time”. Apart from programming, Shawn enjoys mountain biking, playing guitar, writing music, and reading about anything scientific. And, he never misses the opportunity to play a game of dodgeball!

Also, feel free to check out Shawn’s personal web page!



Veronica Aloisio
Industry Night Coordinator

Veronica is in her fourth year of accounting at the University of Alberta. Having recently completed a co-op term at a public accounting firm and now starting to apply for her next co-op position, she has realized how essential it is to have the skills and confidence necessary to explore the diverse career paths that a university degree can provide. Hoping to help bring these skills to the broader university community as well as give students a platform to build their professional network, Veronica is excited to be a part of the EMP FEST team and to continue to develop her professional and interpersonal skills in preparation for her next co-op job as well as her career after graduation, and to help other students develop these skills as well.