Meet the team

Excecutive Marketing Logistics



Mike Sandare
Political Science, 5th Year

Mike Sandare is currently completing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Over the course of his university studies, Mike has focused on serving his community through various roles and responsibilities. As the previous Students’ Union Vice-President (External), Mike founded EMP FEST as a way to help support students looking for help with career development, at any stage of preparedness. He has been actively engaged in a number of clubs and organizations on campus before getting involved in student politics, including AIESEC, Phi Gamma Delta, the UofA Debate Society and AlbertaSat (the student group responsible for launching the first fully Albertan satellite). In addition to his volunteer work with clubs Mike is the Undergraduate Representative to the Board of Governors, Mike is eager to advocate on behalf of student interests such as residences, tuition, and race and inclusion.

Mike is an adventure enthusiast who loves outdoor exploration and travelling. Feel free to message him by email at or follow him in IG @msandare to check out his travels and exploits!


Katelynn Giao Nguyen
VP Engagement & Marketing
Environmental Engineering, 4th Year

Katelynn has always been passionate about personal and professional development.  Being the previous Vice-President Services of the Engineering Students’ Society, she is an advocate for wellness, development and making an impact. She enjoys envisioning and executing. As the co-founder of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers Students’ Chapter at the UofA, she advocates for industry connections and opening opportunities for all students to succeed in their career goals. Having learned that her passions were in entrepreneurship, she realized how hard it is to find her path and the importance of creating opportunities for those around her to explore their own career journeys. This passion propelled her into joining the EMP Fest team. She wants to leave an impact here at the University, her way.

“We are students who are in school to learn, but to also create a life for ourselves that we are proud to live.”   

Katelynn is currently pursuing personal branding, so check her IG @_kgnxo and if you’re up for some coffee and discussions on entrepreneurship and personal development, contact her at


James Wincott
VP Finance
Economics, 3rd Year

James is in his third year of studies at the University of Alberta’s Faculté Saint-Jean studying Économie et Sciences Mathématiques. He has a passion for economics and learning languages. On top of taking classes in both French and English he is also learning Spanish. It is through his passion for economics that James became involved in EMP FEST and employment issues. After studying introductory labour economics James is seeking to gain further insight into the challenges facing students entering the workforce, particularly women and minorities, he is also interested in contributing to the development of solutions to these challenges.

Throughout his time at the U of A James has had the opportunity to be involved with a number of groups on Campus such as; the University of Alberta Debate Society, AIESEC Edmonton, and Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. He has also had the opportunity to gain professional experience as a business development strategist.


Avishta Seeras
VP Logistics & Events Management
B.A. Hon. in Spanish & Latin American Studies, Political Science, 4th year

Avishta is in her fourth year of her after-degree at the University of Alberta. Her interests lie in cultural studies, languages, politics and international development. Over the course of her degree, she has been very active on and off campus, volunteering with AIESEC in Edmonton, AIESEC in Canada, and Alpha Gamma Delta, and she has been involved with Community Service Learning projects with the radio station, CJSR.

Avishta has previously worked in event planning, marketing and sales, and over this past summer, she organised AIESEC’s annual international leadership conference which was held in Cartagena, Colombia. She really enjoys organising events and taking on new challenges, which have led to her position as the Logistics and Events Manager of EMP FEST 2018.



Shirin Jong
Marketing Coordinator
Human Resource Management, 4th Year

As a strong enthusiast in continuous learning and personal growth, Shirin believes that finding the right career in life plays a role in achieving one’s self-confidence. This is why she aims to help others by providing the proper tools and resources to getting them closer to their dream career. Shirin cares a lot about the campus community and enjoys getting involved on campus. In her spare time, she volunteers for organizations such as the Campus Food Bank, Stollery Youth Committee, and the Circle K International Club. Currently, she is involved with the UofA Financial Literacy Club as their VP Events, and is participating in UAHRMA’s Mentorship Program. Shirin is very thankful for all the experiences and opportunities the University of Alberta has given her so far; she aims to give back and make a positive impact to the campus community through her position in EMP FEST.

“Happiness doesn’t come from success. Happiness is what creates success.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about EMP FEST or if you’re simply up for a chat about life and personal growth, feel free to contact Shirin at


Michelle To
Marketing Coordinator
Human Resource Management, Recently graduated, Working at Topco Oilsite Products Ltd.

Michelle has always been on the pursuit for personal growth and career development, and like her ENFJ personality type, she is always looking on the bright side of things and likes to take on challenges. Michelle has been involved in a variety of clubs and community work, a few being: UAHRMA, Business Exchange Association, Chinese Students’ Club, SMO Club and Edmonton Chinese Young Leaders’ Council. Coming out with an HR major, Michelle strives to teach others about why a new approach to HR is emerging and how it is changing the workplace. She is particularly interested in strategic HR management that will keep employees engaged and businesses happy too. Michelle’s passion for event planning is evident in the 8 years of experience ranging from small banquets to festivals. However, Michelle is always looking for a new adventure, and has been interested in gaining more experience in marketing and engagement. Clearly, she cannot let go of the University life just yet and wants to finish off with one last IMPACTFUL event.

“Work hard so you don’t have to introduce yourself. Oh. and play hard too! (Life’s short)”

Michelle loves sharing her travels and food adventures! Psst! The way to Michelle’s heart is through her stomach: So check out her IG @mishinnoms and her personal food blog: If you’re up for looking for someone to talk to on mental health, personal development, or general HR inquiries, feel free to contact her at

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Martin Wong
Web Design Coordinator
Civil Engineer Graduate

Martin is eager to help people build a career, a career around people’s passion. Martin has engaged in various activities like debated in parliament simulations, co-founded a theatrical improvisation club, managed the finances of the Engineering Students’ Society as a VP, or fundraised money for his fraternity. Because of various activities involved in, Martin believes in unconventional career path. Additionally, Martin is inspired to convey information through visual graphics in the simplest and elegant way as possible. He produced a multitude of websites, presentations, documents and other graphics on the side. Martin is excited to deliver a quality website and to work alongside the EMP FEST thrilling team.

“There is nothing more cool than being proud of the things you love”

Martin is an extraordinary listener and loves to discuss ideas. Feel free to send me an email at



Sharon (Menglu) Hou
Executive Member-Portfolio of Logistics & Event Management
Specialization in Mathematics and Finance, 3rd year

Sharon has a strong passion for taking on challenges and professional development skills.
She was involved in various organizations and clubs like Alberta Mentorship Program,Emerging Leadership Program, etc. Currently, she is the director of the Sales & Marketing department in New Chinese Generation Leadership Development. This experience allows her to reach out to more international students and professionals. She realized that for many international students, they struggle to compete and adjust their skills after graduation. That is why she is dedicated to join EMP FEST to provide tools and resources to help them engage with aspects of employment!

“For me, an effective leader is not leading people but inspiring them.”

Sharon is pursuing her career path in financial industry. Also, she is enthusiastic about making new friends and food! Feel free to contact her by

Ellie(Shiqi) Cao
Executive Member-Portfolio of Logistic and Event Management
Economics 1st Year

Ellie is in her first year in Economics in University of Alberta. She shows strong passion in her study and personal development. Currently, she is involved in a couple of organizations such as AIESEC and HCA. Through these experiences, she gains a lot in event organising and finance. This summer she organized the AIESEC national conference(SEC) in Shanghai and Global Volunteer Development Conference(GVDC) in Guangzhou.
Ellie always wants to know more about employment and help it more accessible to the students in University of Alberta. This is why she will be in the portfolio of the EMP FEST.

“Raise your hand before you are afraid.”

Ellie shows a great interest in travelling and exploring the culture around the world. Please feel free to contact her by email:

Sara Mokhtari
Executive Member – Portfolio of Logistic and Event Management
Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year

Sara is in her second year of Mechanical Engineering Co-op in the University of Alberta. She is very interested in getting involved in as many possible aspects of the University experience as possible and encourage others to also get involved. She is a part of the Engineering Students’ Society as the Vice President Services. She is also involved with the APEGA Student Liaison Committee as the Marketing Coordinator. She strongly believes that getting involved not only improves who you are as a person but also helps you improve your surroundings and make it better for others. She loves planning events where the students are able to network and find the help they need in different aspects of their school/work life. She is ecstatic to be a part of the EMP FEST team and help create the right environment for students to find their path for the future.

Sara has a great interest in meeting new people and hearing about their experiences. Please feel free to contact her by email:

Fateme Moeinipour
Data Analyst
BCom After Degree program in Operation Management, 4th year

Currently, Fateme is experiencing major shifts in her education and career. Her interest in numbers and critical thinking has led her to choose Operation Management at the University of Alberta as her second degree. She likes change and her determined personality has always helped her to overcome life’s turns and twists.
She is interested in getting involved in group activities and learn from her teammates as she believes people around us are our best teachers helping us to see our strength and weaknesses. We can learn from each other and try to be a better person every day. She has some years of experience working in public and private sectors in Canada and abroad where she has helped planning, organizing and facilitating many professional group meetings and events.

EMPFEST is an event to engage all students across UofA to have a better picture of what they can expect in their future employment market and Fateme is glad to be a member of EMPFEST wonderful organizing team doing their best to create the best outcomes.