Hosting your event
Promoting your event

Hosting your event


Are we asking Groups to plan and create and event specifically for EMP FEST?

Not necessarily. Ideally, if a group is already planning an event that might fit into our schedule, we are primarily asking to see if they would be interested in holding their event during the same week as the Employment Festival in order to be co-marketed in our schedule. However, if a group prefers to create an event specifically for the festival, we welcome them to. However, this isn’t mandatory. We would like our process to make it as easy as possible for these groups – student, university/SU, or otherwise.

How will EMP FEST help the visibility of events? (Students, University/SU, External to University Groups)

EMP FEST will be able to help with co-marketing the event. They will be responsible for marketing their individual event (if they so choose), this includes social media, online, and physical marketing. However, if they send us online/social media marketing materials, we can post them alongside our overall marketing.

Our marketing will be focused on the schedule, and the entire festival as a whole. Marketing abstracts and images provided by the groups will be used in the festival program to help market them. We can also help with some online/social media – but not as their primary source.

Will Student Groups have to send an application through SGS for their events?

Yes. We can only approve events for our schedule, but Student Groups will still have to apply through SGS for their individual event.

Will University/SU Groups need to apply through SGS?

No. University and SU have their own approval processes through the university for them to create events. That means that if they would like to be apart of the schedule, they will only need to confirmed by us. (This means it’s easier for University/Student Union groups to create/add events to the festival.)

Will External Groups need to apply through SGS?

We will be submitting events by external organizations on their behalf.

Can groups charge for their events?

Though we would prefer events to be free for students, groups are allowed to charge for their events at their own discretion. EMP FEST will not be taking any cut of earnings from any of the groups.

Will Groups have to book their own space for events?

Ideally yes, we would like to encourage events to take place all over campus. We will be able to help external organizations find space on campus for their events, but encourage student groups and University/SU organizations to find their own space.

(If absolutely necessary we can provide some assistance.)

How will event approvals work?

The events will be approved or disapproved by the executive team depending on the redundancy of the topic and the festival’s capacity.

Promoting your event

Marketing Channels Description What Hosts need to know
Instagram We have currently 90 followers and aiming to have 200 by the next two weeks. We have a lot more content and once the schedule is released, the follow rates will go up. We will be using any marketing material you’ve submitted to add to our content and advertise your event in form of “TITLE of EVENT hosted by ORGANIZATION” and pictures we can find from your website or material that you send us.
Facebook Currently we are at 200 likes, our goal is to have 300 by the event week. Please share and like the EmpFest facebook page to promote it amongst your group
LinkedIn An article will be written, this one may take some time. If you have any ideas on how we can engage linkedin members, please contact empfest@gmail.com or Katelynn at giao@ualberta.ca
  • Students’ Digest
  • Engglink
  • UAlberta Business
  • Faculty of Science Newsletter
Feel free to advertise empfest by using our url www.empfest.com

On the newsletters most convenient for you.

Video Advertisement We have completed filming a 30s to 1 minute video to advertise EMPFEST. Stay tuned as it will be released on all social media channels in the next week.
Website Will be updated with the MOST RECENT Schedules as many organizations are still finalizing their details for each event. Please ensure your information is accurate with the logistics team in order to make sure we have accurate information.
Event Passports Event passports are designed with the intent of making the most of the festival. Students who participate in the passport program will have to attend a number of events before being entered into a draw. The draw will be done online. We will have ~500 passports printed. We will be distributing passports along with the volunteers that will be present at each of your events.
Posters There will be two rounds of posters

  1. Posters for the week Jan 22nd – Jan 27th
    1. Posters are taken down every week
  2. Posters for the week Jan 29th- Feb 2nd
    1. These will be put up my safewalk
Keep a lookout and make sure our posters are seen to help your event as well!