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2 – 3PM

Manage Your Work, Manage Your Life

Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS) 3-003

AlbertaSat, the student group who built and launched Alberta’s first satellite, is made primarily up of undergraduate students. These students manage to create complex designs destined for orbit, all while being full-time university students. This panel will be made up of a small group of the AlbertaSat team leaders to share their personal experiences and invaluable advice on time management. This panel is geared towards passionate students who are trying to find the time to tackle extracurricular activities without sacrificing their academics.

manage you work, manage your life - adam sundberg

Name of Presenter: Adam Sundberg

My name in Adam Sundberg. I joined AlbertaSat as part of the ADCS/science and administrative teams in September of 2018. Since I have joined, I have assisted in laying out the scientific mission of our current satellite (Ex-Alta 2) as well as in educational outreach and event planning. I am currently in my second year of mechanical engineering at the U of A, transferring up after completing my first year at the University of Lethbridge the previous year. After completing my undergraduate degree, I plan to pursue a Masters in Aerospace engineering.

5 – 7PM

Your Rights as An Employee

Alberta School of business (BUS) 2-05
Edmonton Legal Community Centre

This presentation informs students of the relevant laws and rights in employment areas such as unions, workplace safety, and standards expected from employers. This presentation will end with a Q&A session with a volunteer lawyer.